Every day we are presented with technology that offers us multiple options on everything we need in our lives. Nowadays, you can compare prices on a flight, order food, and buy an entire house worth of groceries all with a click of a button or a tap of a finger. Why should car buying be any different? No bait and switch, no sales tricks. Just amazing customer service and great deals all in one place. 


The Car Guys was founded by two childhood friends and car salesmen with that exact goal in mind: To bring concierge-style service and great deals together into one great car buying platform. Why jump through hurdles at the dealership when you can get guaranteed savings and free delivery of any new car to your home or office?


So how do we do it? Our team analyzes the new car market every day to guarantee the most up-to-date dealer incentives and offers. Using our established network of over 100 like-minded dealers across the country we get access to wholesale prices on any vehicle you choose. Get Started »

Our Philosophy

The ultimate in price transparency and service...we're your auto buying concierge.
The Car Guys vs. The Other Guys

Does this scenario sound familiar?


You decide you want to see your options on a buying or leasing a new car. After possibly doing some research online, you decide to drive to the dealership on your day off. You arrive and are now presented with what limited options that they have on their lot. Once you've settled on the car, now you have to deal with the "you go high, I go low" and "let me speak to my finance manager" sales routine. Then once you've settled on a price you have to come back to the dealership another time to finalize the paperwork and then another time after that just to pick up the car. You would think that for all that time you would actually end up getting a good deal right? Wrong.


Most clients that choose The Car Guys over dealing directly with a dealership save $3,750 on average on their next lease or finance. Negotiation-free. Start saving today»



A young man named Dennis called me asking if I was in the market for a new car and I just so happened to be, he found the exact car I wanted and made it happen in a day .. Stress free experience.. Two thumbs up

Kim F

Staten Island, NY

The car guys !!! Great experience , easy and very adorable. Asked for prices Monday afternoon got the car Tuesday morning!!!! The free complementary tints where a bonus as well. Will definitely be using them again in the future. Thanks Mike !!!

Bernard S


I was getting my first car and did not have much prior knowledge of how the leasing process works. Edwin was extremely helpful in patiently explaining the entire process step-by-step, and offered many tips for choosing a proper auto insurance policy while paying as little as possible. From auto insurance to simple car questions, Edwin is always available to help.

I went with the Lexus CT200h F Sport package, which I got an amazing deal for. I decided to shop around with it before committing to anything by calling Lexus dealerships across NY as well as other leasing companies, all of which could not beat the price the Car Guys gave me.

From customer service to finding the right car and right priceunder short notice, Edwin and the Car Guys deserve all 5 stars and more. Looking forward to continuing to do business with them in the future!

Leon S

Brooklyn, NY

We loved our experience with the "car guys". Dennis and Alex were very nice and professional. Loved their new age approach, no sleazy sales tactics!!! Will definitely recommend if you need to get a new car. 👍👍👍

Anna S

Queens, NY

I have just finished working with the "car guys" and have had a great experience purchasing my car through them. I usually tend to shop around a lot when buying a car and the car guys were very patient with me, always responsive and provided multiple price options that i asked for. All communication was easy and quick, i never waited more than 10 min for a response. It made me happy when they ended up with the best quote by a margin and we proceed to ordering the car. Another thing to mention is that not one dollar was added to the original quote as we were moving through the ordering process and all the promised dates were met.
Car delivery was another pleasant experience. Their driver drove the car to my front door, packed and moved all my stuff from my old car while i was signing paperwork and drove away in my return lease. No hassles from begging to the end. 5 Stars. Highly recommend. Thank you "car" guys!



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